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Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger


  • Brazed plate heat exchanger JXZ18

  • Product Description
  • 【Model】 JXZ18 
    【Center distance】 167*52mm
    【Max pressure】 1Mpa
    【Max flow】 3.6M3/H 
    【Min Order Quantity】 1 PC

Principle & Feature

Brazed plate heat exchangers are one of the most efficient ways to transfer heat. They are designed to provide unparalleled performance with the lowest life-cycle cost. Choosing brazed technology for your next heating or cooling project will bring many benefits, including savings in space, energy, and maintenance.


The BPHE is in principle constructed as a package of corrugated channel plates between front and rear cover-plate packages. The cover-plate packages consist of sealing plates, blind rings and cover plates. Connections are mounted on the cover plates and can be customized to meet specific market and application requirements. During the vacuum-brazing process, a brazed joint is formed at every contact point between the base and the filler material. This design creates a heat exchanger that consists of two separate channels or circuits.
Sealing plates are used to seal off the space between the cover plate and the first and last channel plates. The number of cover plates varies, for example with the type and size of BPHE and its pressure rating. Some BPHEs have a blind ring to seal off the space between the channel plate and the cover plate. In others the blind rings are integrated in the cover plate and first/last channel plates.

Model A(mm) B(mm) C(mm) D(mm) E(mm) Maximum flow
JXZ14 9+2.3N 76 42 206 172 3.6 0.6+0.06N
JXZ20 9+2.2N 76 42 318 282 3.6 1.0+0.08N
JXZ18 9+2.3N 94 52 210 167 3.6 1.0+0.07N
JXZ26 13+2.3N 124 70 304 250 8.1 1.3+0.12N
JXZ30 9+2.45N 111 50 310 250 18 2.2+0.16N
JXZ50 10+2.35N 108 50 525 466 12.7 2.6+0.19N
JXZ95 11+2.35N 188 92 616 519 39 7.8+0.36N
JXZ120 13+2.36N 246 174 528 456 42 7.2+0.52N
JXZ180 13+2.36N 254 160 847 750 42 10+0.52N
JXZ190 13+2.65N 307 179 699 567 140 12.5+0.72N
JXZ200 12+2.7N 321 188 738 603 100 13+0.75N
JXZ600 22+2.78N 435 220 1410 1190 300 31.8+1.73N