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Plate heat exchanger features

DATE: 2016-01-29


Plate heat exchanger device is removable by a number of corrugated heat transfer plate, at regular intervals, by pressing the rubber gasket thereof. We mainly based structure to distinguish plate heat exchanger, which is based on the shape to distinguish, can be divided into four categories: ① detachable plate heat exchanger (plate heat exchanger called with gasket), ② welded plate change heat, ③ spiral plate heat exchanger, ④ coil heat exchanger (also known as cellular heat exchanger). More common gasket plate heat exchanger, plate heat exchanger, when plate assembly, alternating between the two groups, the board and the board with adhesive rubber sealing panel fixed, its role is to prevent fluid and leakage between the two plates forming the narrow net-shaped flow channel, the heat transfer plate pressed into a variety of corrugated shape to increase the heat transfer area and the rigid plate, and enables the formation of turbulence in the fluid at a low flow rate in order to achieve enhanced heat transfer effect. The four corners of the board holes to form a vent tube and a fluid distribution manifold, and flows into each of the two heat transfer medium flow path is formed for countercurrent or cocurrent flow through each of the heat exchange plates. Plate heat exchanger features:
(1) Small size, small footprint;
(2) high heat transfer efficiency;
(3) flexible assembly;
(4) metal consumption is low; Small
(5) of heat loss;
(6) disassembly, cleaning, maintenance convenience
(7) Plate heat exchanger drawback is sealed around the long, prone to leaks, only use temperature is below 150 ℃, under less pressure, the smaller capacity, if it is found to be disassembled clean sheet fouling.
Plate heat exchangers are widely used in metallurgy, mining, petroleum, chemical, power, pharmaceutical, food, chemical, paper, textile, shipbuilding, heating and other departments, can be used for heating, cooling, evaporation, condensation, sterilization, heat recycling and other various situations.