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Our plates have many kinds of materials,such as stainless steel 304/316L,titanium,hadtelloy alloy and nicked.Stainless steel 304/316L is commonly used.Stainless steel plate has the ability of general corrosion. Mainly used for high temperature applications, high temperature applications require strong resistance to the material, to prevent the grain at a relatively low temperature.Stainless steel plate has high temperature oxidation resistance, however, the oxidation rate will be exposed to the environment and the impact of product form and other inherent factors.

 Stainless steel 304/316L  Clean water, river water, edible oil, and mineral oil
 Titanium and titanium palladium  Sea water, salt water, salt.
 Hastelloy alloy  Sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, phosphoric acid
 Nickel  High temperature and high concentration caustic soda
 Frame material  
 Standard: carbon steel

 Special: Clad stainless steel/solid stainless steel